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the ~ROYAL~ legacy part 2


starting up where we left off

could it be??

is she preggo again already??


After that it was Julius' birthday

He actually turned out cute! Nice job on the genes front, Nawwaf.

This guy came over, woke up the baby, and annoyed everyone else (except Ptolemy. He's annoyed by Cleo). I kicked him out and locked the door after that. Stupid townies.

Julius started whining and crying about how...I guess he grew up badly (I didn't know babies could do that, and it's not in his memories, but that's all I could think of since that icon was there IDK) so I had his Mom cook up some supah milk and teach him life skills

I didn't get a cap of the pottytraining but whatever you know what that looks like. ~*~IMAGINE~*~ it.

Ptolemy continues to be stupid. JSYK, he's not what is stinking in this pic. It's his food. A+ Ptolemy. A+

The nanny? Not pretty. Just in case you were wondering. She sort of looks like a man. She's a Manny. ahahaha

>.> ahem.

This is the point when I noticed that Julius has a BIG OLE BALD SPOT

Since he just learned how to go potty on HIS potty, I guess he wanted to find out more about the grown up potty. Just so I would have to send someone to clean up after him, I'm sure. Sim toddlers are evil in that manner.


Somehow this giant pile of trash ended up on the floor, and Cleo and this old man stood around going D:< and D: D: D: *SHRUG* for like an hour while she tried to clean it up.

Eventually though she did get out the door, and after dropping the trash off in the trashcan, she popped again

 I tried to get the Manny-Nanny to go home like five times but she didn't, so Cleo just chilled on the sofa while her child was taken care of for her.

But eventually she did leave, and Cleo was left to fend for herself. Welcome to the charms of motherhood, Cleo. You sure you want six of these things?

 After this I moved them out of the trailer park and into a new lot, because Cleo was gonna give birth to spawn #2 soon and there was no way they were all gonna fit in that tiiiiny little trailer. Here is their new house, before I remembered to give them windows and a floor.

(yes that is the garden gnome she stole back in the last post, btw)

so. yeah. there's that.

Cleo and Julius sang nursery rhymes until their new neighbors arrived to welcome them to the neighborhood

She thought this guy, Marcel, was hawt

feelin' was mutual. she rolled the want to ask him on a date so i let her and just like before, like five minutes into it...

It took her a little longer, though, because she was thinking of someone very close to her heart

Happens every time she's on a date with someone else. Meanwhile, Marcel was fearing this

WUT they aren't even in love yet. Just crushin'. MOVIN' TOO FAST MARCEL!

They had fun, though. It was a good date. After it ended I looked away for a minute, and Cleo started flirting with this other guy and, well...

Marcel was not happy.

Cleo wasn't going to take that lyin' down, though, so she smacked him right back all 'BISH WE JUST MET. DON'T GET ALL CLINGY ON ME.' before going off to cry in a corner

(PS the random hearts are there because she downed a love potion during her date and it hadn't worn off yet)


that sums it up nicely.

Guests went home after that, and I discovered that Cleo has MAGICAL LEVITATION POWERS

She's a super sim.

This is just to demonstrate how prettyful she is :3 (yes she has an eyebrow piercing. Cleo's hardcore, y'all)

So then Cleo went off to bed and I heard evil laughter.

It was Marcel. Bish stole her paper.

I'm pretty sure he's responsible for this, too. Jerk.

Then it was BABY TIME. You would think Ptolemy would be concerned for his master's well being, considering she's screaming and all, but no

He just wants her to STFU.

It's another boy! Henry VIII. I'm certain he is destined to be somethin' of a whore, given his name. 

He got a bottle and then went to sleep in the crib, and his mom got on the phone


She's talking to Marcel btw. But don't think she's forgotten that smackdown.

She's still pissed.

So is he. He came by the next morning to steal her paper again.

But you know what? Marcel is a big fat hypocrite. Let's zoom in on that, shall we?


That's some excellent mothering right there.

Well things clearly weren't going to work out with Marcel, and Cleo needs another baby. So she got herself tarted up and called the matchmaker again

"500$? Bish, please."

We ended up with this guy. They had two bolts of chemistry, but that didn't stop their personalities from clashing


Yeah so he went home.

Sometime while all this was happening, Julius had an accident. Less than a foot from his potty. Genius.

Marcel dropped by, but only to be a douche.


That didn't end well, and he couldn't wait to get away from Cleo

it's ok, Cleo. Julius still loves you.

Speaking of whom, it was BIRTHDAY TIME!!


And then I figured that was enough for one day. NEXT TIME - Henry VIII will grow up, we're going to invite Nawwaf over again because he clearly has great genes (I might let her actually marry him. Or at least move in. WE'LL SEE.)

So yeah. There ya go.



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