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This Legacy, in case you couldn't tell, has a ~*~Royal~*~ theme. They're the Royal family, and my founder is Cleopatra.

she's purty. And she passed the toaster pastry test, which is a first. It's always the first thing I have a new sim cook, and they always burn it. She didn't though...that's promising, I think.

taking a cap was easier than writing it down, so here's her personality. She's a family sim with a life time want of marrying off six kids. And after eating her toaster pastry she got a job as a pick pocket. Then I sent her off downtown because if she wants six kids I figure I better get her started meeting some people now.

 I took her to that trap door place downtown, cause I'd never taken a sim there and I wanted to see what it was. There were no trap doors. I am disappoint. ):  There was however, this guy...

His name is Nawwaf. I'm not even making that up wtf I don't even... Anyway, Cleo thought he was HOT STUFF as you can see by the sparklepire-esque aura he's got going on here. 

he liked her too. At first I was not going to let her pursue this nonsense, but then this popped up -

 And I discovered that Nawwaf must be simlish for AWESOME. :D (o ps I started my legacy sim out in the trailer park instead of in a legacy lot, thus the landlord.)

 They hit it off really well and like five minutes later, no joke, this was happening -


 I figured that was enough romancin for one day (plus she was hungry/tired), so I had her say goodbye at that point, but on the way home she stopped and picked up another fella...


a puggle named Ptolemy after the real Cleopatra's dad. DO NOT LET HIS CUDDLY EXTERIOR FOOL YOU. I thought he was super adorable at first, too, but later on I came to realize that he was not cute and fluffy. He was a hell hound. OBSERVE -


He is the red bobble. Notice how close he was to his food (also yeah I know his needs are all over the place. He got fired from his job on the lowest rung of the security dog career track, and all his stuff plummeted and Cleo wasn't home to bathe him and make him have fun and stuff.) BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT HE IS LIKE FIVE FEET AWAY FROM HIS FOOD BOWL.

 But does he eat it?

No. He eats flowers instead. He does this all the time now.

 He also thinks it's an awesome idea to sleep outside during a thunderstorm. CLEARLY not the brightest crayon in the box, even though when Cleo bought him the pet store SWORE he was a genius.

 Anyway back to the humans. 

Cleo is hard core. Oh yeah.

Later on this random guy walked by and stopped and stared at the camera for a while looking creepily happy...

Know why?


Cause he'd done that. Thanks, ya douche.

 Anyway after she'd cleaned that up, I had her invite Nawwaf over so I could work on building their relationship, the end goal being SPAWN.


 He was either shocked by her forward behavior or shocked that a hot girl liked him despite the fact that his name is NAWWAF and he has a hideous outfit (long sleeved western style shirt + khaki shorts =/= a good choice).


I'm guessing it's the latter, cause he didn't seem too bothered when she asked him to cuddle her. Weirdly enough they had the option to woohoo/try for a baby on the closet, but not on the bed. I can't know why. But I sent them into the closet to do their business...


AND baby chimes on the first try. WOO!


I'm guessing Cleo was happy with the end result, too.

 After that I sent Nawwaf home and Cleo to bed blahblah fast forward to the next day.

 I am a bitch and make my pregnant sims clean the toilet after they puke in them. :D

OH PS - Nawwaf swung by and left her a tv in the dead of night. This was cool. Only problem is he put it on her porch and in the trailer parks, you can only move stuff that is INSIDE your trailer. So I couldn't sell it (she already had a tv). It's stuck sitting on her porch. And people come and watch it and just stand around clogging up her porch 24/7. It took the paper girl like an hour to get through the throngs of tv watchers so she could plop the paper down one morning.

 MOVING ON...I wasn't certain I wanted Nawwaf to be a permanent household fixture yet, so after she got home from work I had Cleo call the gypsy and fork over 2,000$ so we could check out her options...


 Despite her fondness for Nawwaf, Cleo was excited to meet her blind date.


 Turned out to be this guy. I don't remember his name - Professor something. He wasn't bad looking, so I figured while Cleo was preggo with Spawn #1, I'd have her build up relationship points with the professor here so later she could have HIS baby.


 the first one being that Cleo was pretty into Nawwaf...

 And the second one being that her new boyfriend is a psycho. I heard him doing evil laughter off by himself and caught him...


 Cleo totally didn't care though, despite the fact that she saw him steal it. And again, like five minutes later...

Cleo apparently jumps into relationships quickly. I sent him home after that, and then Cleo popped

yay belly

and then the next day she popped again


and then I guess the hormones hit her and she decided it was time to GET HER GARDEN GNOME BACK. She snuck off to do so making creepy faces like this

And homegirl did indeed get her gnome back.

NEXT DAY...it was baby time


She's in her underwear because that's what she always sleeps in, if left to her own devices.

JULIUS CAESAR IS BORN! He's not a bad lookin' kid, actually. So far. >_> We'll see what happens when he turns into a toddler, cause as I have learned from the past, cute baby does not always equal cute kid/grown up.


Bein' the good mommy that she is, Cleo feeds her kid and snuggles him a couple times before putting him in his crib for a nap...


so she can invite the professor over for some closet time. /)_-


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Apr. 9th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
Cleo is a hor. I think i love this :|
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