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The ~*~ROYAL~*~ Legacy Part 4


I give up on making little teaser graphics, in case you haven't noticed. So have a family photo instead!
Ivan's and Alexander's toddler portraits. Ivan looks awesome with his mad scientist hair. Xander, on the other hand, came out a little awkward and looks like he's about to audition for a small role on Little House on the Prarie.

Somehow I don't see that ending well.

(it didn't. whichever twin ate it threw up a couple times. yey.)

The twins were taught some life skills and Cleo managed to make non-toxic smart milk. Hooray for Cleo!

You should look proud. You done good this time.

Later on in the day, while Nawwaf and Cleo were off at work and Julius and Henry were off at school and it was just the twins and their nanny who ALWAYS wants to hang out after work now, I caught Ivan levitating three feet off the floor wtf

You see that little shadow by the paper? That's where he's supposed to be. On the ground.

 Clearly, Ivan is a super baby. Or possessed.

The twins got sleepy. The nanny put Xander in his bed, but Ivan...

Yeah, she just ignored him and he had to go nap on the dog bed. Poor Ivan. The nanny hates him.

After school Henry and Julius played cops and robbers. They get along really well and love to hang out with each other

The old guy came by again to yell at Nawwaf this time for spying on him. Nawwaf, though, was like HELL NAW BISH I AINT GON PUT UP WITH THIS NONSENSE!

Ptolemy continues to prove his genius by LAPPING UP A PUDDLE OF HIS OWN URINE EW

And then eating garbage. His food bowl? Yeah there was food in it. And the knocked over can wasn't even Marcel's doing. Nope. ALLLLL Ptolemy.

TWINS: not my best idea.

Henry likes them, though. At this point Ivan had like...a permanent stink cloud, even though I had them bathe him like three times. It didn't go away until he grew up. Weird.

Cleo is still having a love affair with the telescope, despite that old guy coming over constantly to yell at her for it.

Nawwaf continues to be awesome at life.

Henry continues to be adorable.

Everyone in this picture, except for Nawwaf, was trying to get into the bathroom. /)_o

Through all the chaos, though, Nawwaf and Cleo still find time to keep the romance alive

I'm pretty sure your kids don't wanna see that, though, guys. (not that Ivan and his stink cloud seem to mind. creeper toddler.)

It was Julius' birthday after that. The twins don't care.

Henry does, though, it's ok.

He's a cute kid. I shipped him off to college immediately afterward, cause there were just TOO MANY PEOPLE in that house.

Henry of course was the only one who noticed.

(actually, that's a lie. Nawwaf was asleep and woke up and tried to catch him before he left, but it was too late.)

Cleo loves to play with Henry. She pays more attention to him than she did any of the other kids.

Prolly cause he's awesome.

Cleo got promoted at the same time Henry won the spelling bee, so they had a celebratory lunch

Then that night it was double birthday time!


Ivan continues to look cool. Xander continues to look awkward.

AND that's it for now :D IDK about anybody else, but I was shocked that Marcel didn't make an unsavory appearance. If I'd known a ventrillo-fart was all it took to fix the problem, I would have had her pull that prank on HIM ages ago. 


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